Pollen Sweaters began in 1986 as Pollen and Company, a home based business producing natural fiber knitwear to be sold at local craft fairs.  Within a few years it became apparent that Total Easy Care Wool was our textile of choice, and that sturdy, handsome work sweaters were our niche. We gradually found a market for our sweaters in stores specializing in outdoor clothing for sailors, fishermen, and outdoor work in general, and our volume of production and sales increased steadily through modest advertising and word of mouth.

Pollen Sweaters is a small enterprise with about a dozen employees/friends who run the knitting and sewing machines in a peaceful little rural factory, taking lunches together and having way too much fun.

The pure wool we use has had the outer layer of itchy little barbs removed making the clothing not only very comfortable to wear but also completely machine washable and dryable! That’s right, you just turn them inside out and machine wash with warm or cold water and a gentle detergent then tumble dry also at a moderate temperature. Please do not hang to dry as this would cause them to lengthen. The wool does not shrink or pill or lose it’s shape and in fact, a monthly wash and dry will protect the sweaters from moth damage. We recommend that your sweater be washed and dried before storing for any length of time to make sure there are no moth eggs waiting to hatch.

Since 2005 Pollen Sweaters has had a retail store on the top floor of Nancy’s Bakery in Lund. Come check out our collection of sweaters and accessories.

We also have great books – fiction, non fiction, local history and children’s books.

Enjoy our fabulous location overlooking the bustling summers and peaceful winters in Lund, and the lovely aromas of cinnamon buns and pizzas wafting up from Nancy’s.