How Do I care for my Pollen Sweater?


The pure wool has had the itchy barb layer removed from the fiber which means the wool does not shrink when washed.

Please do not hesitate to machine wash and dry your sweater as it really contributes to the integrity of the knit and shape as well as making sure that pesky moth eggs are not laying in wait to hatch and eat the wool! If you are storing the sweater for a length of time please launder it before storing in sealed plastic or in a cedar chest.

Simply turn the garment inside out and wash in cold water with a mild detergent then tumble dry on a medium heat setting. You can lay the sweater flat to dry but please do not hang it to dry as this may cause it to grow longer from the weight of it while wet.

What about my Pollen Wool or Bamboo Poncho?

The ponchos – both the bamboo and the wool – should be machine washed and dried on their own with a delicate setting wash and moderate heat dry. The bamboo is especially absorptive so you can save some dryer time by laying it flat then tumbling in the dryer to remove any wrinkles and to help it to keep its shape.