• MOJO 2011 Adventures

    Our Pollen sweaters, made by a small outfit (I mean small) in Lund, BC are simply the best sweaters we ever laid our hands on. On MOJO, wool is the key to keeping warm and comfortable. These non-itchy sweaters are tightly knit of 100% superwash wool, are hand stitched and are inspired by the sweaters traditionally worn by loggers and fisherman of the West Coast. Our sweaters were made to order by Pollen specifically for the MOJO crew and were supplied to us at a nice discount by Wright Mariner Supplyin Coal Harbour.

    -MOJO Crew
    -MOJO CrewMay 29, 2011
  • Baby Toque

    Thanks for keeping my new baby warm!

    – Trevor Formosa
    – Trevor FormosaApril, 2013
  • The Adventure Sweater

    I have had one of your placket sweaters for about 25 years. It has a name – The Adventure Sweater – and has been on every adventure, from ski trips, hikes, sailing and canoe trips, to trip to the hospital when both my children were born. Despite having been heavily used (for daily wear as well as adventures), it still looks like new. Probably the best thing I have ever owned, and I’ll probably be buried in it.

    – Thank you! NevilleOctober, 2013
  • Pollen Sweater in the Dryer

    I’m not proud of it… but I just warmed my Pollen up in the dryer to go pick my kid up from work. It’s chilly out but I was so toasty!

    – Rebecca BosmaJanuary, 2013
  • Still Going Strong since 1996

    I bought my sweater at your store in 1996. I was there with my fish boat from Comox and came to Lund regularly. A year later I bought another one to give to a friend who also still wears it a lot.

    For the last 19 years I have been working in Europe, mostly Holland, Ireland and the UK. Still on boats and fishing recreationally.

    After 22 years your sweater still keeps me warm in all weather conditions. It has been washed carefully many times and still looks great.

    - John
    - JohnSept 8, 2018
  • Fishing

    Hey Carla, have had this pollen sweater for a dozen years, love it!!

    – R. Simpson
    – R. SimpsonApril 13, 2011
  • Bill L of 100 Mile House, BC writes:

    I’ve had my placket neck pollen sweater for 14 years… it hasn’t got a single nick or pulled thread despite years of wearing it in the bush and packing firewood. Once I dropped it in some dry burdock and it took months to pull all the burrs out!

    – Bill
    – BillMarch 12, 2011
  • The Placket Neck Club

    Secret Placket neck club meets in the woods near Lund BC

    -Secret Placket Neck Club
    -Secret Placket Neck ClubMarch 21, 2011
  • Fieldwork Sweater

    I’m looking forward to receiving my new sweater. I bought one last year and have barely taken it off – it is so warm, and beautiful – I still can’t believe it holds up so well to washing and drying, it is quite amazing and I use it for all my fieldwork studying sea otters on Calvert Island, B.C.

    – Erin Rechsteiner August 2014
  • Back to school sweater

    Nothing says great start to the kindergarten school year like my Pollen. 

    – Crystal Mitchell
    – Crystal MitchellSeptember 5, 2013