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Gift Certificate


An online store credit.

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What is a Online Gift Certificate?

It is a online store credit that can only be used on this website and not at our store in Lund. After purchase, a special code will be emailed to the recipient. It can be used multiple times until the balance is zero.  Once used completely, it cannot be refilled and will disappear.  Each gift certificate will expire one year after purchase.

How to give a online gift certificate:

Purchase the gift certificate in whatever denomination and the recipient will be emailed a special code     At checkout, the senders name, the recipients email address , and a message to the recipient can be given.  The online gift certificate will be emailed to the recipient after checkout.   If you are purchasing multiple gift certificates at once, multiple recipient emails can be given at checkout.  In the email is a special code the recipient uses to redeem for purchase.

How to use a Online Gift Certificate:

Once  the recipient has received the email for a gift certificate, the recipient can enter the special code in the checkout section of the website.  The price of their shopping cart with taxes and shipping will be adjusted minus the value of the gift certificate.


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25, 50, 75, 100, 250