Pollen Sweaters Inc. produces pure wool, machine knit, 100% washable, itch-free sweaters in Lund British Columbia. Sweaters are available in Women's, Men's and Children's sizes and a variety of styles. Accessories include toques, ponchos and scarves. These wool sweaters are designed for easy care and durability. We also produce women's bamboo ponchos and scarves. Pollen Sweaters Inc.has produced long-lasting, stylish sweaters for 27 years.

Top 10 reasons to buy a Pollen Sweater

  • No pop bottles were hurt making Pollen sweaters.
  • You'll be helping sheep stay cool in the summer.
  • The pure wool stays warm even when wet.
  • Non-itchy, and soft enough to wear next to sensitive skin
  • Machine washable and dryable at moderate temperatures
  • We put the label on the inside, where it belongs.
  • Designed to layer smoothly under or over other garments.
  • No offshore sweatshops. Ours is here at home.
  • If it ever wears out, compost it.
  • Makes you 50% to 90% more handsome. (results may vary)

Stop by one of our stores to see the quality of a Pollen Sweater, view the fantastic range of colours, or to make inquires about how to custom order one.

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